Fork in the road

28 Mar

forkInTheRoadIt always happens in tough times when everything seems to go totally wrong. You sit there, wondering, wishing, waiting for something good to happen or just begging yourself that this miserable feeling will go away, fall off. You know deep inside your heart that something has got to change, that you have to make a decision.

As you are sitting there life is on autopilot and you do what you have to do. Daily routines take over, you act like a zombie with no emotions, feelings or needs. Day by day you get a little bit more uncomfortable. Day by day you die a little bit more inside. Day by day you run through that process and no finish line gets in your sight.

If you do this long enough you’ll find this finish line. It will hit you like a brick when you realize that you can’t go back at the end and your heart stops beating, your lungs won’t breath and your eyes become empty… DEAD! Too late to take another turn and change something that messes with your mind, soul and body.

Life is to fucking short to let an autopilot take over. This autopilot can be anything in your current life. Your Job, your family, your friends, your parents, your bank, your computer, your community, your church… it can be everything that you spend time with so what can you do. What can you change that life becomes worth living.


Make something happen and do what absolutely nobody expects from you. Break up that relationship with your comfort zone and move your ass. Do something amazing, something stupid, something childish. Do whatever you like in this moment even if it gets you in trouble. Don’t do it later this day, no! Do it after you finished reading this article about a fork in the road. Create that change no matter what the consequences are. The only thing that will happen is that you get more experienced. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just experience. Don’t think about it, act upon it. Whatever popps into your mind, throw yourself into it and make this decision now!


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