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I have loved the stars too fondly…

Simply beautiful to read…
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Christian Mihai.

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Do or Die… it’s as simple as that!

My father died 4.5 years ago at the age of 59 because of cancer… and I’m thinking of all the challenges my familiy had to go through since he was diagnosed with this illness. But I also think about everything I’ve learned and experienced during these difficult times… like… incredibble strength, loving care, absloute truth and understanding for eachother.

It’s never easy to let go of somebody you love… but to see somebody struggling with his health for two years, knowing about his unfulfilled dreams and that everyday could be his last day… that’s even harder… believe me.

Don’t underestimate what you could do… what you’re capable to fulfill. If you have got a dream then go after it. If you wish to, you can make it bigger and bolder, more colourful and bright, but don’t forget one simple truth…

You have to keep looking for a way or an idea to make your dream come true.

Time goes by anyway and if you never try, you will regret it on your last day… believe me.

Make sure you live a good life.


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Fork in the road

forkInTheRoadIt always happens in tough times when everything seems to go totally wrong. You sit there, wondering, wishing, waiting for something good to happen or just begging yourself that this miserable feeling will go away, fall off. You know deep inside your heart that something has got to change, that you have to make a decision.

As you are sitting there life is on autopilot and you do what you have to do. Daily routines take over, you act like a zombie with no emotions, feelings or needs. Day by day you get a little bit more uncomfortable. Day by day you die a little bit more inside. Day by day you run through that process and no finish line gets in your sight.

If you do this long enough you’ll find this finish line. It will hit you like a brick when you realize that you can’t go back at the end and your heart stops beating, your lungs won’t breath and your eyes become empty… DEAD! Too late to take another turn and change something that messes with your mind, soul and body.

Life is to fucking short to let an autopilot take over. This autopilot can be anything in your current life. Your Job, your family, your friends, your parents, your bank, your computer, your community, your church… it can be everything that you spend time with so what can you do. What can you change that life becomes worth living.


Make something happen and do what absolutely nobody expects from you. Break up that relationship with your comfort zone and move your ass. Do something amazing, something stupid, something childish. Do whatever you like in this moment even if it gets you in trouble. Don’t do it later this day, no! Do it after you finished reading this article about a fork in the road. Create that change no matter what the consequences are. The only thing that will happen is that you get more experienced. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just experience. Don’t think about it, act upon it. Whatever popps into your mind, throw yourself into it and make this decision now!


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The famous “what if” game…


Do you sometimes play the famous “what if” game?

Here is a short description how to play:

  1. Ask yourself a question that starts with the words “what if I ____________?”
  2. Fill in a random activity into the blank to create a complete question. For example: “What if I eat 10 candy bars each day?” or ” What if I sell my car and use public transportation instead?” or “What if I go to the goal setting seminar next month?” or “What if I quit the gym and start being a relaxed couch potato?”
  3. Imagine what would probably happen if you really do that for 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 10 years and so on.
  4. Try to figure out if the outcome of your actions do or don’t satisfy you.

See how the famous “what if” game works? Simple!

Okay, now take it one step further. Everybody has got his everyday disciplines, I mean things that they do automatically like go for a walk, switch on the TV when coming home, feed the baby, buy a candy bar at the counter etc. Surely everybody has got things that he or she does regularly every week or every month like paying bills, go out to play poker, check the bank account, write a new blog post…

…you know what I’m talking about? Daily, weekly and monthly routines!

If you’re like most people (and nearly everybody is like most people) then you have got routines that you do consciously and routines that you do unconsciously. There are the good and the bad ones or the necessary and the unnecessary, healthy and unhealthy.

Here is where the famous “what if” game is very helpful:

To figure out if your routines will bring you closer to your dreams and goals or if they push them away!

Try to watch yourself over a period of one week, and if that is too much, try to watch yourself consciously over one day. Record what you are doing, take some notes of your activities and at the end of that day or week play the “what if” game. Use your notes to fill out the blank and start thinking about the answers.

What would happen if you have lunch at McDonald’s every day for the next year? Would it be healthy or would it maybe decrease your level of health?

What would happen if you go to the gym 3 times a week this year? Will this improve your stamina, strength and health?

It is an easy tool to watch your progress. Are you still on track or off track?

You can use the famous “what if” game for everything!

  • Business – “What if I make ten calls a day to talk to customers?”
  • Health – “What if I smoke 40 cigarettes everyday?”
  • Family – “What if I play soccer with my kids every weekend?”
  • Relationships – “What if I meet my friends every Wednesday evening for dinner?”
  • Money – “What if I spend 5 Euros or Dollars everyday on my latte?”

You can play it with yourself or even share it with your family and friends, but be sure to play it from time to time. Let it become one of your routines and the most important thing is, ACT UPON THE ANSWERS!

This simple game can easily improve your life and the life of your loved ones. Have Fun playing!


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It’s all about “getting started”

ImageHow long did you think about your first blog post?

I belief it’s all about “getting started” and don’t think too long about what to write. It’s always good to introduce yourself and what it’s all about.

My name is Emanuel Waibel, I’m 29 years old, live in Austria and I work as a Taxi driver.

I started about seven years ago to do self development, critical thinking and asking myself where I want to go, how I want my life to be like. I’ve made some mistakes in my earlier years that dragged me into uncomfortable situations like sitting in front of my bank account manager who told me that I don’t get more money until I change something about my spending habits. Or sitting at home waiting for my girlfriend to call and tell me that she forgives me… what never happened and now I’m single since nearly three years but fortunately my bad habits about spending money changed and I’m nearly out of dept 😉

What also happened nearly three years ago was that my father died at the age of 59. He lost his fight against cancer, and today my aunt is also fighting against the same kind of cancer. This makes me think a lot about where we are going and what is our purpose in life.

Is it all about working, sleeping, eating, loving, hating, give and take, struggle, pay our bills and fight against every thing that is happening to us and/or our loved ones?

If there is God or Allah or Buddha or any other spiritual force, why they let all this shit happen to us?

Well, the biggest breakthroughs happen in difficult times when everything seems to go totally wrong. Everybody has got his stories to tell – the good and the bad ones, the disappointing and the empowering ones, the strange and the normal ones. Every life is full of moments and events, but it’s not only about single moments in time. Life is about every second that we manifest the next moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

I want to create a legacy, want to live a life that matters, a lifetime that I can look back at and find it was good. Not only for me, but for a lot of other people around the globe. I don’t want to lie on my bed knowing that my time to leave this world has come with a feeling of regret and sorrow for that I have not done what I could do.

I want to connect with people around this awesome planet who belief in a brighter, better future and share my thoughts about life because it is the most valuable thing that we have called life.

With best wishes from Austria


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