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Do or Die… it’s as simple as that!

My father died 4.5 years ago at the age of 59 because of cancer… and I’m thinking of all the challenges my familiy had to go through since he was diagnosed with this illness. But I also think about everything I’ve learned and experienced during these difficult times… like… incredibble strength, loving care, absloute truth and understanding for eachother.

It’s never easy to let go of somebody you love… but to see somebody struggling with his health for two years, knowing about his unfulfilled dreams and that everyday could be his last day… that’s even harder… believe me.

Don’t underestimate what you could do… what you’re capable to fulfill. If you have got a dream then go after it. If you wish to, you can make it bigger and bolder, more colourful and bright, but don’t forget one simple truth…

You have to keep looking for a way or an idea to make your dream come true.

Time goes by anyway and if you never try, you will regret it on your last day… believe me.

Make sure you live a good life.


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